Coop Finance+

Product information for Coop Finance+ Pillar 3a

Further information about the investment fund modules used and about the safe custody and management of the Coop Finance+ Pillar 3a pension solution may be found below

Product modules incl. regulatory documents

  • Vanguard funds
  • OLZ funds

Risk brochure Swiss Bankers Association

Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings:

Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings: The independent Foundation is based in Schwyz and specialises in the management and administration of 3a retirement savings. The Foundation is subject to supervision by the competent regulatory authority for foundations and BVG/LPP occupational benefit institutions and is listed in its register. (

Custody and asset management of the pension assets

Glarner Kantonalbank: currently acting as custodian bank and asset manager for the Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings. It is supervised by FINMA and affiliated to the Swiss Banking Ombudsman (

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